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Nanowrimo update – Small Robot

November 5, 2012

For Nanowrimo I’m writing a group of short stories instead of a novel – mostly because that’s what I’m good at and also I’m interested in starting to see if I can actually get the things I’ve written published.

My plan is to write a complete short story from beginning to end every four days, and I finished the first one right on schedule (with my 6 year old daughter reading over my shoulder as I wrote.)

So, Small Robot in the Woods is done and I’ve started working on Meeting Notes.  I’m excited to work on meeting notes,  partly because it has more of myself in it than any of the other stories I’m planning on writing, but also because it is the story I’m clearest on as far as the plot goes.  It’s about… meeting notes… not very helpful, but you’ll just have to wait.

My plan is to work through the stories without any editing at all until the end after everything is over, so the result is that Small Robot is pretty rough.  It ended up with 1980 words which should probably increase up comfortably into the 2000s with editing.  I’m guessing that Meeting Notes will work out about the same.

More reports later – time to get ready for work.

  1. Good luck in your short stories, that sounds awesome! I used to do short stories exclusively but I’ve always wanted to do a novel, beginning to finish, and see it through to *hopefully* publication, so I’m using my NaNo for that. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Hey! A comment! Thanks for taking the time to read and stuff. You win the grand prize for being the first to comment. Don’t know what the grand prize is yet… Would you like to see the rough draft of Small Robot?

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