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Nanowrimo update – Meeting Notes

November 6, 2012

I was up early with allergies again this morning but instead of doing an early morning allergy post I wrote about 500 words on the next short story on my list – Meeting Notes.  Things are coming along ok with it – I’m still doing scene set up and am trying to get a good tech support hell feeling – that is tech support from the side of the person doing tech support.  I’ve been on both sides, but I have vastly more experience giving tech support than getting it.

I once called tech support for a scanner, and the support guy answered the phone:


I said, “Yes… How’d you know my name?”

“Wasn’t I just on the phone with you?”

“No, I’m just now calling.  This is scanner support, not psychic support, right?

“Oh, yeah, right.” said the guy. 

He must have been having a bad day.  He couldn’t fix my problem either, and I ended up figuring it out on my own.  Not all tech support technicians are created equally.

Anyway, Meeting Notes is going well and is just starting to get to the interesting part.  If you’re interested I’ll send you the first couple hundred words and you can see how terrible my rough drafts are.

And on to a completely different topic –

The Escape Pod flash fiction context is finally over after a completely grueling 6 weeks of stress and nail biting.  My story ‘Home Sweet Mars’ did well, making it into the semi finals, but it had some really amazing competition.

The winner was Leslianne Wilder’s Four Tickets, but she also had another story in the finals that was one of my favorites – Entomology of Sol System.  No surprise, she’s not exactly an amateur.

Now that it’s over the top three people will have their stories published and read on the Escape Pod Podcast while all of us non-winners will take keyboard in hand and polish up our stories and send them off into the publishing wilds to find a home… but not until Nanowrimo’s over.

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