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Late night allergy post E

November 10, 2012

Sheep vs. goats.

Sheep don’t even try to get to the other side of the fence unless we’re in the middle of some horrible drought and the grass is all dead on their side and tall, green, and yummy looking on the other side.  Then they might consider it, but only if they are newly sheared.

Goats see the other side of the fence and will do anything they can to get there.  Especially it is a neighbor’s field of soy beans.

Male sheep are just as useful as female sheep.  Their wool is just as nice and they tend to be a little bigger so there’s more of it.

Male goats are one of the most useless, disgusting things you can have on a farm.  They smell like a cross between diesel fuel and a dead skunk.  If you’re milking the goats it will make all of the milk taste like they smell.  Their one redeeming quality is that they make more little goats.

Sheep and goats are both about equally friendly.  If you have a bucket of grain, they’ll be your best friend.

You can milk both of them, but it’s easier to milk a goat.  Wool sheep have tiny little teats and goats can have teats bigger than a cow.

With a stanchion and a bucket of grain you can make either of them stand for milking, but goats can sometimes be trained to stand with just a bucket and no stanchion as long as you have a friend to hold their back legs and keep them from stepping in the bucket.

You have to separate the male sheep from the female sheep for only a short period if you don’t want them to breed.  For example you may have three males and only want one of them to breed the females because the others are too related to the females.  Other than that you can keep them all together.

You can’t ever keep the male goat with milking female goats or they’ll make the milk taste bad, so they’re only allowed with the females a couple weeks per year.  If you keep the male upwind of your house, you’ll be able to smell him all day.  Plus whichever pasture you stick him in will have to be able to hold him (see above about fences) and will be unusable for anything else.  You’ll need to water the animals in two places instead of just one.  If the pasture is too small, you’ll end up having to feed him hay.

Depending on the breed and on the individual goats, their milk can taste exactly like cow milk.

The result: 

Sheep are better than goats for wool.
Goats are better than sheep for milk.
Sheep stay in fences.
Male sheep are useful.
Both will be your friend if you have a bucket of grain.
Male goats are disgusting.

— Sheep win.

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