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Early morning ice cream post R

November 11, 2012

Did I just write the words ice cream?

Hmm, let’s review…

3:00 in the morning.  Can’t sleep because I can’t breathe.  Throat hurts like hell and itches all the way from my nose to my ears.  Chocolate chip mint ice cream in the freezer.

Yes, it seems I did in fact use the words ice cream.

I hate allergies. 

I keep telling myself that we moved to the midwest because of the opportunities that it gave us and the kids to live and grow up in an amazing and wonderful environment (a farm) that we couldn’t have ever afforded in Seattle.  But I don’t remember being so allergic to things there.  And it just keeps getting worse and worse.  I’m sick all of the freaking time.

Sigh.  End of Rant.

Moving on…

To Nanowrimo –

I finally got myself happily started on story number three.  Once I get the voice of a story I’m usually fine, and this one was giving me a hard time.  I kept trying to write it in third person because that’s how I first imagined it.  Plus story number one was third person, story two was first person, and so it made sense that story number three would be third person.

Symetry and all that.

But one shouldn’t write in third person just because of symetry.

I tried Mer Lafferty’s advice to people who are stuck writing and just wrote anything – random stuff if you can’t think of anything else, and what I wrote was in first person and it was good.

Here’s an excerpt that I think turned out really well:


“You’re comparing me to a printer?” She asked.  Her voice sounded upset.

“No,” I said.  “I’m comparing him to a printer, not you.  Anyone can go out and buy a cheap printer, but if they run a cost analysis on it they’ll find that the cheaper the printer is, the more it will cost to actually use.”

“So he’s a cheap printer.”


“What are you then?” she asked.

“I try to be modest and give good suggestions.” I said.

She snorted and walked away.


And that’s all I’m going to show you for now.

Well, since I’m awake anyway, I might as well write some more.

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