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Nanowrimo update – Summer in November.

November 11, 2012

It was almost 80 degrees (Farenheit) outside today which means I cleaned out the blue shed and moved the big freezer out of the family room and into it.  Went into Hamilton to buy icecream, got stuck in a funeral procession, put everything back in the shed and then went out to dinner and grocery shopping and animal feed shoppong with my wife.

Things were a bit rushed because the weather is supposed to turn cold and bad tomorrow…

The result is that my third Nanowrimo story isn’t even started yet.  I’ve got the little essay on business cards I wrote and that’s it.

I think my biggest problem, aside from being busy, is that I don’t know what story I’m telling.  No plot.  And I only have two days to do the job now.  Hmm…

I’ve considered writing this story off and just moving on to the next story, but I don’t think that’s a good idea – at least not before the four days alloted to the story are up.  And not giving up is good for me.

“Forward, march!” He says to himself.

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