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Nanowrimo update – Last day of story 4

November 16, 2012

This has been the hardest story to work through so far.  I finished story three a little early, so I’ve really been working on this for almost five days.  I threw out about 1500 words, not counding the rough outline that I also threw out.  I’m mostly happy with what I’ve got now, but at 1800 words, it’s still very rough and not close to being complete.  I’m thinking what I’ll end up doing is trying to write notes to myself on what I’m thinking and where I want to go with the story and then move on to story five – that is unless I can find time to pound through some more stuff.

It’s an odd kind of story.  I’m not really sure it has much of a plot right now – it’s kind of a voyage of discovery story.  Fall through a portal and land on an island, build a boat, sail off away from the island, find another island, explore the island, find a portal and jump through said portal.  The conflict in this has got to be internal, with the voyage of discovery mirroring the characters discovery of himself. 

I could probably finish it today, but it would only really be the shell of a story and not a complete thing.  I guess that’s what editing is for… filling in all of the gaps, fixing the problems and making a crummy story turn into something all sparkly.

Another difficulty has been how busy this week has been.  Went to a highschool production of Cinderella with the little girls last night which they loved, took the oldest daughter to take her pre ACT test the day before, and there was something going on the day before that, but I can’t remember what it was… it’s been busy… and tonight is the kids homeschool co-op’s big open house for the end of the fall semester.  My wife’s the co-op director and I’m the web page programmer, so there’s no chance of being able to sit in the back corner and peck away on my phone.

Have I mentioned that I do almost all of my writing on my phone?  I’ve got a Samsung Captivate Glide which has a nice slide out keyboard.  I just received a new Samsung Note II at work and it’s enormous… but no keyboard, so I still think I like my Glide better… maybe.  If the CEO doesn’t like the phone, I’ll probably try it out and see though, just because it’s so big. 

Anyway – I’ve still got time to work on the story today at lunch and there’ll be time this evening, so we’ll see how things go.

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