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Nanowrimo update – The Tower

November 18, 2012

Story number four was finished on time (although I’m not all the way pleased with it) and I’ve started on story number five, called The Tower.  I keep reminding myself that the object of this whole Nanowrimo thing is not to do my best work, but to give myself something to edit and then turn into my best work.

This is important for the next story I do.

The Tower is a story that takes place in a world I’ve had bouncing around in my head for at least a year, maybe more, so it’s a world I’m comfortable describing, but like a lot of my ideas, I’m having trouble moving it from an idea to a story with a plot.

I can describe the place and the people without much problem, but moving from the describing stage to the doing-things stage is hard for me.

The Tower is a fantasy story with a couple of science fiction elements in it which is different from most of the other things I write which are mostly science fiction.  It could move into epic fantasy if I let it, but normally epic fantasy doesn’t lend itself very well to short stories with only a couple characters and a limited scope.  And that’s one of the reasons I’m having problems with plot.  I really do have a plot, but it’s the plot for a much larger story.

So the trick is knowing where to start and how to squish a novel or novella size idea into a short story.

One idea is that I write a side story to the main plot arc that I’ve been thinking about, which is a good idea, but then I really have no clue what to write and this is already the second day of the four day time period that I have to write the thing.  (I spent the first day writing notes.)

Well, whatever I do, I better get going.

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