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Nanowrimo – The Last Day

November 30, 2012


We’ve reached the final day of Nanowrimo and I managed to screetch by with another two stories right at the end.  My goal was for seven complete short stories, and I got through the first four without any troubles, completing everything right on time.  I ran into trouble with story number five – The Tower – It ended up turning into an outline for a novel, which works good for me because it’s an idea that I’ve been rolling around in my head for a couple years now. 

Six never really got started, and seven turned into a story about a turkey that my six year old wanted me to write on Thanksgiving.  I got bogged down on that and it’s still in progress.

My plan for the last two days was going to be finishing up two partial stories that I’d started before Nanowrimo but never finished, and I’ve completed that task.

So, the completed stories so far are:

1 – Small Robot in the Woods – 2105 words
2 – Meeting Notes – 2934 words
3 – How to Build a Dimensional Boat – 2517 words
4 – Suggestions – 592 words
5 – The Dress – 2782 words
6 – Food Magic – 1869 words

Total = 12,799 words.

Unfinished stories worked on during this Nanowrimo are:

1 – The Tower
2 – Goggle Loves Glitter Glue

I may have Goggle done by the end of the day today if I can make some time to work on this, but what you don’t see in the picture of my progress bar above is the list of farm chores that I need to take care of.  If you ever decide to by an IT guy, be a farmer, be a writer, and be the parent of lots of kids, make sure you have lots of time and energy.

And finally – I was in the craft store a couple days ago picking up some new knitting needles for my wife and some watercolor paper for myself and happened to walk by the aisle that had Whiteboard Crayons in it.

Whiteboard Crayons… COOL!

So I bought them. 


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