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Vacuum Pump for a Surge Milker

March 17, 2013

Here’s the vacuum pump my wife picked up at an Amish auction.  I attached it to the  board and the motor.  it only came with the pump and the glass jar thing.  The old Amish guy had been using it to milk his cows for years, so we know the pump is good enough to do the job.  The big question is  – aside from the surge milker which isn’t pictured here – what else are we missing?


The four main parts of the pump are the pump itself on the top left, the on/off switch on the bottom left, the motor on the bottom right and a glass jar thingie on the top right.

I have no idea what the glass jar thing is for.  I’m sure it’s important for something though – and the Amish guy didn’t say anything about it.

Here’s a picture of the pump manufacturer tag and model number.


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