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March 20, 2013

Gates are interesting things.  Where there is a gate, it’s implied that there is also a fence or a wall that the gate allows passage through.

On a farm, gates let trucks, tractors, and animals pass from outside the farm to the inside, or sometimes the other direction, but either way they’re going it’s always a very controlled thing involving three parts:

Part 1: open the gate.
Part 2: pass through the gate.
Part 3: close the gate.

On a farm, if you do part 1 and part 2, but are too stupid or lazy to do part 3, then you will quickly learn the fastest way to meet your neighbors while you spend the next five hours chasing down your animals.

If you tresspass on someone else’s property and are too stupid or lazy to do part 3, then you have given some poor farmer the gift of meeting his neighbors while he spends the next five hours chasing down his animals, and if one of those animals happens to walk out into the road and a car comes by and hits it, totals the car and gives the driver a broken collar bone, then the poor farmer gets to pay for the car, the hospital bills, and he’s down a cow which might be worth $800.

So if you open someone’s gate, you better freaking close it once you’ve passed through.


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