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Poem – Poison Ivy Everywhere

February 6, 2013

Here’s something that I wrote in the summertime to remind everyone that winter doesn’t last forever.

Poison Ivy Everywhere

 I work outside on the fence all day
Cutting brush and trees away
Covered from my head to toes
With all the things that fences grow

Creepers, vines, and brushy trees
I cut them back and clear the way
Pull them back and haul them over
Drop them down into the clover
As I’m working there I see
Poison Ivy covers me
It’s on the posts and in the grass
It’s everywhere on that old fence

I’m immune, so I don’t mind
I work away under clear blue sky
Till sun is high and burning hot
I come inside to eat my lunch
Take a break and drink some punch
I hug my wife and kiss her hard
She smiles and winks then dances away
Then looking back she whispers, “Stay.”
Never knowing the price she’ll pay

Poison Ivy in my hair
Poison Ivy on my hands
Poison Ivy on my skin
On my face, on my arms, everywhere
I’m immune so I don’t mind

But my wife’s not

Poison Ivy everywhere.



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